When Willpower is Trumped by Hedonism…

Enjoyment and mindfulness go hand in hand

Enjoyment and mindfulness go hand in hand

What happens when willpower is trumped by hedonism? Either you have a horrible mess, or, you have a recipe for a brilliant bohemian life filled with truth, beauty, freedom, and love.

Hedonism, combined with mindfulness, can be a wonderful thing. Willpower is for the birds.

Eat, drink, indulge… mindfully. Leave puritanism for the puritans and pilgrims and allow yourself to enjoy your chocolate, satiate your taste buds with a delicious glass of wine, yield in to the temptation to blow off grocery shopping for a relaxing bubble bath. Some of my best memories are when I let myself indulge!

Having a delicious meal and drinks with friends is so much better when no one is worried about calories for the night…. when no one has to say no. Sometimes I think my life revolves around food, especially since I cook a lot of the meals myself (try this amazing salad!). If I’m going to spend that much time thinking about what to eat, shopping for the food, and cooking it, you can believe it’s going to be delicious!

Hedonism is about enjoying life, and I believe that it is impossible to have enjoyment without mindfulness. If you are eating chocolate without being mindful you are just eating it not enjoying it. And if you truly allow yourself to enjoy then you will be satiated and you will know it and you will stop.

Hedonism has a bad reputation. Just the word alone brings along with it words like scandalous, shocking, and unseemly, to name a few. Hedonism is the pursuit of pleasure, and frankly, couldn’t everyone use a bit more of pleasure?

We are an over worked, overly sensitive, overly politically correct society. We spend our lives catering to the needs of others, doing what we are supposed to do, perhaps the whole time secretly jealous of those who are able to live outside the bounds of willpower.

What is willpower?

Going for a daily run even though you hate it? What if you indulged yourself a little and allowed yourself to find some exercise you enjoy??

Not eating that cake? Eat it! Enjoy it, and by enjoying it, you will eat slower and be mindful when you’re satiated.

Going to a job you hate every day? Take the time to find something you love doing and pursue it whole heartedly- whether you believe you can or can’t, you are right.

Screw willpower, embrace hedonism! What do you say? Let me know in the comments!

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