Upgrade Your Shower With Mindfulness

It's something we all do. Most of us do it everyday- we take a shower. We don't take advantage of it though. For many, time in the shower is the only alone time they get all day. Wouldn't you like to use that time to it's potential? I have some tips to help you turn your shower time into an exquisite experience.


When you think of a luxurious spa, what things come to mind? For me it's fluffy white towels, candles, music and greenery. So I've added those things to my bathroom. After the initial set up of putting candles and plants into your space, it only takes an extra moment to light them. 

Next, I turn on my music. I like to put on Buddhist singing bowls to give a feeling of moving meditation, but you should put on whatever makes you feel happy and calm.

What actions can you take now to make your bathroom feel more luxurious?​


Once my candles are lit and my music is playing, I dry brush my skin, being carefully aware of each movement. If you don't dry brush your skin, you should.

Dry brushing exfoliates the skin giving you a nice, fresh, healthy glow. It also improves circulation, and debatably, improves cellulite.​

In the shower

If you can't/won't do anything else, do this: as you wash your body do it slowly and gently, the way you would a lover. If you're worried about water consumption, then turn it off while you slowly caress your body clean. 

How often do we rush through our cleansing ritual, rushing to get done and not being mindful of the way we are touching our bodies? The power of the human touch extends to the way you touch yourself. I'll admit that I don't always do this whole entire shower ritual, but I always wash my body with self love.​

The power of the human touch extends to the way you touch yourself. Be loving.

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after the shower

After my shower I like to tell my body how much I love it as I moisturize. 
I love you feet, you are beautiful.
I love you calves, you are beautiful.
I love you thighs, you are beautiful.

I do this because of the power of positive and negative ​energy and thinking. If you haven't seen it before, check out this video of water crystals and how they responded to the energy around them:


Afterwards, continue your day as normal :)
I'd love to hear your thoughts of ways to add mindfulness and self love to your shower/bathing time! Let me know in the comments.

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