The Simplest Cure for Boredom

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What is the simplest cure for boredom?


Yes, it really is that easy. Just being present in the current moment. Mindfulness is it's own meditation. It can bring contentedness and banish boredom.


Mindfulness while walking

- notice the air around you, where it touches your skin and how it moves your clothes. Notice your posture. Are you walking upright or hunched over? Do your hips have natural movement or are you stiff? Notice the way you plant your foot on each step. Focus on the movement over and over. Does it change?

2. Mindfulness while eating- as my friend Wendy pointed out, many people eat because they are bored. What if you changed the way you eat and start doing it mindfully? What if you really tasted each bite, enjoyed it, and noticed all the flavors and textures it had to offer? How would that change things? First off, eating would become and incredible experience of self love. Perhaps if you really tasted everything you ate you would invest in fresher quality ingredients. You would discover that if you enjoy something the best thing would be to slow down and savor, not rush eating as much, as quickly as possible. Maybe you would even begin to eat less because you allowed yourself to get full.

3. Mindfulness in exercise- I know you are probably wondering if I'm crazy. Mindfulness in exercise? Yes. That is one of the reasons I love yoga so much. You focus on your breath and the feelings in your body. In yoga you strengthen your mindfulness muscle without realizing it. I took a boot camp style class, with a lot of cardio, some weights, and beat pumping music. It was fun, but it was sooo easy because my mind was't being challenged at all. At the same time, at the end of the class I had no satisfaction except knowing i had exercised that day. In yoga the work is harder, but the satisfaction is longer because you know your body better so you know how you've changed or grown. A mindful yoga practice is not just about fitting a work out in, it's about noticing your breath, your mind, and your body and how they all work together.

Feeling bored? Take deliberate action. Fold your clothes with purpose. Wash each dish individually. You may be surprised by the thoughts that come up during these activities, and an active mind is rarely a bored mind :)

So there you have it! The simplest cure for boredom! Let me know what you think in the comments, and share if you liked the tips above!



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