The Little Guide to Living Your Dream Life

You can live your dream life. Believe it or not, it is entirely possible. But how?

  1. Define your dream life. Many of us hate our work, hate our lives, and we wish for change. Wishing for change won’t bring you your dream life. What is change? It could be anything.
    • Define your goals and values.
    • Write down your ideal day.
    • Write a letter from yourself in the future, already living your dream life.
  2. Now, readĀ over your goals, ideal day, and future.
    • Are there any similar ideas throughout?
    • Make a small list of things you can incorporateĀ right now.
    • Make a list of things you can change in the next 6 months and write down the actions you need to take for those changes to happen.
  3. In 6 months do the exercise again.
    • Write down, what has changed.
    • What new things can you implement to get you even closer to your dream.

Living your dream life isn’t going to happen over night. It takes perseverance, but above all it takes a dream. Slowly, little by little you can create your dream life.

I have a dream of being a writer. I would love to live in an artist’s colony, or somewhere by the water. Ideally I’d love to have a house boat or a home on the coast where I can sit outside and write and do nothing else.

I still haven’t worked up to being a full time writer, but I did find a job working minimal hours on a livable salary on Minorca, a Spanish island. I won’t be living right on the water, but I’ll be living in a harbor town in a loft with a terrace so I can still write outside. I’ll be moving there in 2 weeks :)

After you take some time to think about it, I’d love to know what your dream life looks like. Tell me in the comments.


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