Practicing The Art of Self Love

The Art of Self Love

Do you love yourself? Of course, if you’re like most people you probably answered, “Yes, I obviously love myself”. So, let me change the question: Do you practice the art of self love? Do you treat yourself with kindness and practice positive self talk? Now your answer might change a little. If the answer is “no”, don’t beat yourself up. We’re so used to not practicing self love that sometimes we don’t even know it! Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in this world, you should nurture yourself as you would anyone close to you.

Which brings us to this weeks challenge:


This week I’ll challenge you to practice the art of self love. This week you’ll pay attention to your wants and needs and you’ll nurture yourself. You’ll talk to yourself with love and compassion and forgive your mistakes. No matter where you are in your journey of self discovery this challenge will inspire everyone. Share your progress and connect with other challengers on Instagram with this week’s challenge “the art of self love” by using the hashtag #juststaycuriouschallenge. Can’t wait to see what you have to share!

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I’d love for you to share your thoughts the comments below and get the conversation started! I hope this week’s challenge will inspire all of us to treat ourselves the way that we truly deserve.

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