The 30 Day Self Care Challenge


30 day self care challenge,Many of us are so out of whack when it comes to taking care of ourselves that we don’t even know where to start. Cue a Google search of “self care” which only leads down an overwhelming rabbit hole. There are so many things we are “supposed” to be doing. Who has time for it all? I’m going to give you an easy, 3 step process to incorporate self care into your daily routine. At the end of this post you’ll have the opportunity to download my free calendar and guide.

What is self care?

Before we get into what it means to have a self care routine, let’s talk about what self care itself is. Self care is something that that nourishes your spirit and soul, and fills you with joy and peace. Creating a self care routine is a constantly renewing process, but I’m going to give you three steps that will help you build personalized self love time into your daily schedule.

How quickly can I expect change?

Every coach and therapist I’ve worked with has emphasized small, incremental changes. I myself have faced horrible failures when overreaching, and sweet success when I stick to a small goal for a few weeks. If you tell yourself you’re going to meditate for an hour a day, it’s not going to happen– at least not for long. However if you decide to meditate for 5 minutes a day you have a greater chance of success. I know I’m offering small, seemingly inconsequential ideas for you to work into your daily life, but to quote J.R.R Tolkein- Little by little we travel far.

A quick note-

***One thing to note before continuing, self care time is time for you, so I’m going to challenge you to choose activities that you can do alone. For example, getting a manicure– this is something that will make you feel good. You can do it on your own– you can also bring a friend along, but she’s an added bonus.

30 Day Self Care Challenge!

Ok! Let’s get started! This is a self guided 30 day challenge. The time required each day is up to you, but I would recommend a minimum of 1/2 hour devoted to yourself.

Days 1-14

Every day for 14 days do something nice for yourself . It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, but take at least a moment to do something just for you. Try to do something different every day, after all, most of us aren’t used to taking any time out for ourselves, so let’s experiment, find out what we like and what is sustainable. It really will make the later steps more successful.

Day 15

Take 15 minutes to reflect on your last 14 days. What did you enjoy, what made you the most happy, what was the least inconvenient for you?

Maybe you loved taking a bubble bath, but it just isn’t feasible to incorporate into your daily routine. Go down the list starting at your favorite of the 14 actions until you find one you can do every day.

Now that you’ve chosen one self care action that you have tested and enjoyed, make a promise to yourself to incorporate it for the next 15 days.

Days 16-30

Each day take a minute to write a line or two about your self care action. Did you do it? Yes or no, how did it make you feel? If it’s still strange to you, then continue doing just this one thing until it become second nature, or a routine to you.

Continuing forward:

If at the end of the challenge you want more, then go through the challenge again, or add another action from this challenge, but maintain what you’ve already built until you add more and more self care actions into your daily routine.

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