Summer Heat/ Summer Lovin’

Summer. All winter long I dream of the sun’s warm embrace. I think about how good it feels to not be bundled up in coats, scarves, gloves, and hats. And then the temperatures start to rise. Now I’m not bundled up, but I am lathered up in sunscreen (notsurethatmakessense…)

My last week in Madrid it was hitting the 100’s and it was hot!!!! But the heat was dry and it really didn’t bother me too much. And then I returned to NYC where the temperature is a bit cooler, but the humidity!!! 

Just Stay Curious

It’s hard to remember December and how I felt when the freezing wind burnt my face because now the sun is burning my face!!!

Here’s some tips to endure:

1. Wear a hat. I love Panama hats and others of the wide brimmed variety. Try to choose a nice and heavy hat though because you don’t want to be running after your hat when it’s already hot.

2. Wear sunscreen. I wear it every day because inevitably the day I don’t wear it will be the day that I end up traipsing all over the city in the mid day sun, which brings me to my next point-

3. Don’t go outside when the sun is at it’s zenith. I try to run all of my errands before 11am or after 5pm, that way I avoid the harshest rays. And really, when I say I try to avoid, I actually avoid it at all costs!!

4. Drink a lot of water!!! My water consumption always spikes during the summer which keeps my body happy, healthy, and hydrated.

And if you have another tip to stay cool during these hot, humid summers, please please PLEASE! Tell me in the comments :))

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Keep cool, lovelies! Until next time… Stay beautiful and, as always, just stay curious!

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