September Musings

September has been a really huge month for me! I’ve left my apartment in Brooklyn, along with my boyfriend and friends and I’ve made it back to Spain. I’m writing to you now from Menorca, Spain!!

Even though this isn’t my first time traveling or living abroad I am nervous. For a few reasons.

  1. People from Minorca speak Spanish, but it’s not their first language. They speak Catalan, but in their own dialect.
  2. Minorca is much smaller than NYC or Madrid. I’m worried that I won’t like the slow pace of life.
  3. Another year 8 months of a long distance relationship. My bf and I talk every day, but nothing can replace real life convos.
  4. I’ll be teaching at a primary school and so this will be my first time working with young kids (wish me luck for my first day tomorrow).

As much as I’m nervous, there is so much more to be excited about. First and foremost that I have a partner who is excited for my travels and supports me in all that I choose to do. Never once has he asked me not to go.


Everyone here has been incredibly nice and so helpful. I really think I am going to love living her for the next few months. It’s beautiful and so are the people, who can ask for anything more? So far I have been impressed time and time again by the genuine people I have found in every day life.

I hope that sometime within the next month I will have a post showing the photos of my neighborhood. Right now everything is in flux — I’m living in a hostel, waiting for my flat to be ready and that isn’t the most relaxed atmosphere to be living in… Until next time!


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