Self-Love Through Fun, Pleasure, and Joy

Self love through pleasure, joy, and love. Read more.

No matter where you go, there you are! And you bring with you an attitude of your choosing. You are responsible for your thoughts, and you can consciously pick your mindset. Choosing fun, pleasure, and joy can make the difference between a day of celebration versus just another hum drum day.

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Start adding more, pleasure-joy-fun, into your life today.

Fun, pleasure, and joy are underrated values

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“It’s a lot more pleasant and enjoyable and fun if we like who we are. Fun, pleasure, and joy are underrated values. . . and the essence of self love,” says Sage B. Hobbs, coach, author, and speaker.

But what does this really mean? More importantly, do we even have time for these shenanigans?​

It turns out that living by these values has a ton of benefits that improve ALL aspects of your life. Keep reading to find out more.

Incorporating fun into your day

There are lots of ways you can incorporate fun into your day. Make up a silly game that makes you laugh. Jump in that water puddle. Indulge in a youtube clip featuring your favorite comedian. Laughter has been proven to provide added benefits to a number of areas of your life, including the following:

· Physiological benefits;

· Psychological benefits;​

· Social benefits;​

· Spiritual benefits; and​

· Quality of life benefits.

With all these positive side effects, we're crazy if we don't take this seriously!! ;)

There are simple pleasures all around you, just take a moment to enjoy.

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Your brain cannot distinguish between spontaneous laughter and self induced laughter. Either way, you’ll benefit. So on a day when no fun seems to be found, laugh anyway. But still seek out ways to find fun and laughter every day. You are deserving of this form of self love.

Incorporating pleasure into your day

What brings you pleasure? Chocolate? A bubble bath? Identify some things, both large and small, that bring you pleasure. Then pay attention! When you take that bubble bath, do so mindfully. Make sure you are present in the moment and just be. Just take the time to enjoy the moment. Every day, honor and respect yourself by indulging in things that bring you pleasure. It doesn’t have to be a big costly thing, like taking a limo to work each day (although that would be nice!). It can be as simple as a piece of art on your desk or a photo of your child on the fridge. There are simple pleasures all around you. Take some time to journal and identify things that bring you pleasure.

Incorporating joy into your day

While you have the power to pick your thoughts, and while joy is always an option, sometimes we all need a little nudge. One of the easiest ways to shift your mood can be music. Everyone knows at least one song that makes them want to jump out of their chair and dance. Take the time to identify that song for you. Queue it up on your computer so that it is easily available. If you need some help in this department, consider starting with The Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling” flash mob from the Oprah Winfrey show. It is impossible to watch the sheer joy and listen to the upbeat music in that video and not feel joyful.

As time goes on, pay attention to other songs that bring you joy. Revel in the laughter of your children. Celebrate the beauty of the sunrise. Be joyful as you go to work – you have a job! Let your heart be filled with joy every single day.

Fun, pleasure, and joy

It bears repeating that you are in charge of your thoughts. Your thoughts dictate your feelings. Pick fun! Pick pleasure! Pick joy! Each day. You will find that your outlook will change dramatically in the coming days and weeks, as you embrace this new commitment to loving yourself. You will also find that others will want to be around you and bask in your joy, pleasure, and fun.

I choose joy, read more about how to add joy, pleasure, and fun into your life.

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joy-pleasure-fun worksheet


Start adding more, pleasure-joy-fun, into your life today.

Interview with Sage B. Hobbs

Listen to the full interview with Sage B. Hobbs. 

After a battling cancer, Sage made the decision to move away from her family in Philadelphia, all the way to Colorado, where she has made her life since. While on maternity leave with her second child, Sage realized she no longer loved her path. She talks about the steps she took to identify and pursue her new calling, and create a life she loves.

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