I See Nothing As it is Now

lesson eight a course in miracles

Lesson eight of A Course in Miracles made a lot of sense to me, mostly because I did the first round of exercise first thing in the morning while I was still practically blind without my glasses. I see nothing as it is now? Check. Got it.

I'm getting better and better at noticing my ego acting up. For example, today I noticed I was really fearful about something and I acknowledged that it was my ego, and then something really fascinating happened... my fear transformed... to self-righteous anger. Yup. Almost didn't catch that one, but I did.

I'm still getting used to surrendering though. My first thought after noticing the ego's tricks is usually "ok, how can I fix this".​

I'm working on turning it into, "ok, God please fix this", but for the moment that's usually the third or forth thought- better than nothing, but I'd like to make it happen a little quicker.

I've also been feeling so creative the last two days. I don't know if that has anything to do with A Course in Miracles because my creativity generally ebbs and flows, but if it is linked to ACIM, then this is yet another reason for me to keep studying. This would be any artists dream, to be able to turn on creativity through spirituality.

Lesson eight of A Course in Miracles is about changing how we perceive reality, which is difficult because in general, we have, as a society, created a version of reality that we all agree upon. It's ingrained in us. Going against the grain, well, it's certainly not easy. But the joy I feel when I'm creating? That makes it all worth while. I would pay to be able to turn this on.

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