Pray Rain Journal: Get What You Want

Use a pray rain journal to manifest the life you want by practicing mindfulness and gratitude.

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What do you want most? Is it to lose weight? Start a new career? Treat yourself kinder? It doesn't matter what it is, a Pray Rain Journal will help you get what you want. I know it sound crazy, but it's not magic. You can learn about it more in depth in my  Pray Rain Journal Workshop.

Supposedly this technique was adapted from Native Americans. The story goes that there was a drought and the Shaman decided to go out and pray for rain. Instead of doing a rain dance or imploring the heavens he simply went an stood in the dry field with his arms outstretched, his eyes closed, and an expression of bliss on his face. What was he doing? He was imagining that it was already raining.

The ideology behind a pray rain journal is that when you ask for something your energy contains emptiness or negativity- the lack of the thing you want. When you start imagining that you have what you want then your energy is transformed into abundance and positivity.

What exactly is a Pray Rain Journal? Simply put, it's a private journal or diary that you right in every day as if you have already achieved your goals. Instead of telling yourself "I need to do X daily", you write down what your life would be like if you did in fact do X every day. Only you know what that is because everyone has different goals as well as different reasons for wanted to accomplish those goals.

Here's an example of what an entry in a Pray Rain Journal may look like:

Goal- Weight Loss

May 21, 2015

I feel so incredible! My body is so strong now that I've lost 35 lbs. I really can't believe the change that has happened in my body. Not only do I look better, but I love working out and that is something that I wouldn't believe possible just one year ago, but here I am working out every day doing the types of exercise I love. Today I'm going to an Ashtanga yoga class. I always feel so rejuvenated after an intense class. This afternoon I'm meeting some friends at the new vegan restaurant in town. I'm hoping this can be our go to spot! It seems so long ago that I would end my days exhausted on the couch, today I'm going to soccer practice. I never in a million years thought I would play soccer, but it is great for socializing and being active. The changes I made in my life were hard, but I hardly remember the battle now. I am way too busy reaping the benefits. Thank you universe!

That's it! A daily journal of gratitude for the things you want to have, but writing as though you already have them. Pretty simple. I also like to add pictures and doodles through out. In the case of weight loss, maybe you would cut out a magazine picture of your ideal body type and then paste your face over it. If you want to start a new business then maybe you could take a magazine article from Forbes and post your face over that.

The possibilites are endless here. Eventually thoughts will lead to actions and this is where real and lasting change come into play.

One other possibility may occur- as you spend time writing down your what your life is like with your goal achieved you may realize that this isn't something you want, maybe it's just something you thought you wanted. Either way, this is a good thing for you.

Like I said before, a Pray Rain Journal can be used for many things, not just weight loss. I'm just using that as my example. The key when you are writing is to focus not only on your goal, but also on the benefits of that goal. This would actually be a great place to start before you begin writing in your journal. Do a brainstorming session and ask yourself not only what you want, but also why you want it.

Goal: Weight Loss

Benefits: confidence, better sleep, become healthier, live longer, meet new people, etc.

With the benefits of your goal in mind you begin journaling. This allows you to fully imagine the life that you want and once you have that picture before you, you are one step closing to achieving it!

The best times to write in your Pray Rain Journal are either first thing in the morning so you can begin your day positive and motivated, or in the evening right before you go to bed.

If want to learn even more about Pray Rain Journaling and the law of attraction, I've put together a workshop that will help you create the life you love. Check it out here.

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