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Today's lesson was pretty tough for me... (read day one here) my thoughts do not mean anything to me. I'm pretty used to being mindful of my negative thoughts when they pop up as I've been practicing that for awhile, but I hardly ever do anything about my positive thoughts.

This lesson requires that you apply the teaching to all thoughts, positive and negative. On top of that this lesson is to be done 4 times throughout the day. Still only for just a minute, but I had to be more active in making sure I got the two middle of the day sessions done.

On a work day I generally have my phone nearby me most of the time, but today was a Sunday so my phone alarms weren't very helpful. I know, excuses excuses. I did manage to get through them all.

I don't have insights into my ego, but I do think I have had a major breakthrough because-- wait for it-- I rearranged all the furniture in my house. Please tell me I'm not the only one who either does something drastic to my hair or house when going through big changes??? And since I'm trying to grow my hair out, cutting it wasn't an option.

I started A Course in Miracles because I wanted a spiritual way to treat my depression because it's really debilitating for me. Sometimes I don't leave my house for weeks at a time. I'm willing to accept that I'm in my winter season, or that I'm building my cocoon, but one thing that I have the intention of doing almost every day but never do is to go to yoga class.

So today I was looking at the schedule and knowing that I wouldn't go to any of the classes when I asked myself why I don't just do it at home? (It's the simple questions, am I right?) The answer came because I don't have a space set up-- so I decided to finally clear out a corner of my office to make it into my yoga/meditation space and then I decided to clear out the entire office to make that room into a sacred space/sanctuary. My boyfriend, bless his heart, helped me move our desk into the kitchen. We have an open floor plan in the living room/kitchen so it's fine ;)

So far the only thing set up in my sanctuary is my yoga mat, but I'm going to add more to it as time goes by. Some candles and plants, pillows and cushions, and a really comfy chair for reading. I'm taking this workbook seriously, I'm taking this spiritual journey seriously, and for me personally it's important to have a space that represents that.

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