My Dreamy Mediterranean Flat

First off I just want to say wow. That was my first impression when I walked in. This is easily the nicest place I have ever lived. It’s pretty much my dream apartment except for two things- 1) no fireplace, and 2) no view of the sea. Oh, and my boyfriend is on another continent so I guess that makes 3 :(.

Just Stay Curious Just Stay Curious Just Stay Curious

I have incredible views from 2 windows plus my glass terrace doors. I really do feel blesses and feel more creative than I have in a very long time. The building here a traditional in that they are painted bright white with red tiled roofs… a couple of times I’ve casually glanced out the window and panicked because I thought the white was snow– in my defense it wasn’t that long ago when I was living in New England and snow in the fall wasn’t unheard of.

Just Stay Curious Just Stay Curious

From the very first day I here I’ve felt at home. And when working with kids 3-9 it’s necessary to have a place to come home too and relax.

Just Stay CuriousJust Stay Curious

Oh… there is one more thing missing– a bathtub! I’m not complaining though because I have a kitchen a huge kitchen. Last year in Madrid my kitchen was the size of a hall closet with no oven. Moving onwards and upwards!

Just Stay Curious Just Stay Curious Just Stay CuriousJust Stay Curious

Oh and by the way, in case you’re not in the know, I’m in Mahón, the capital Menorca, the second largest island in Las Islas Baleares :)

More pictures of the actual island to come, but honestly after living 3 weeks out of a suitcase I’m just enjoying having my clothes in a wardrobe! And being able to make my own salads.

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If you’re interested in seeing where I was living before this you can check it out here.

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