My Bohemian Brooklyn Loft

My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to find a gorgeous apartment in Brooklyn to sublet. It’s in an industrial neighborhood and we’re surrounded by artists and several really great restaurants. So far my favorite restaurant has been Momo’s, a sushi restaurant. It was fantastic.

Of course the challenge with any up and coming neighborhood is that it’s, well, up and coming and lacks a certain panache that one might have grown used if they were, let’s just say, previously living right in the center of Madrid. Never-the-less, our loft is gorgeous and full of light, and remarkably large and peaceful, so I don’t might passing by all the industrial complexes on my way to my home.

But I think I’ve been a city girl for far too long, after living in mid-town, just blocks from Time Square, and then in Madrid, right in the city center, I miss the hustle and bustle. I miss walking out my front door and taking a moment to align myself with the city’s energy. The creativity here is inspiring.

The Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn is nicely close to Manhattan though. And neither in Manhattan nor Madrid could I find such a large place. It really is haven which I have used to explore my creativity, so I guess without even being aware of it until now, I have aligned my energy to the creativity of this neighborhood.

Below I’ve included some pictures of my Bohemian Brooklyn Loft (I wish I had taken photos of my Madrid Loft :/). These pictures are fairly good representations of what it actually looks like, though the space is actually quite a bit larger.

Just Stay Curious Just Stay Curious Just Stay CuriousJust Stay Curious

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