Let Go Of Perfection

A picture I took in Segovia Spain

A picture I took in Segovia Spain

I have a vision of what my perfect day should be like. It involves my friends and my loved ones. In this vision I wake up to a day filled with loving community. Breakfasts and lunches and dinners filled with joy and conversation. I have this vision, but it can’t come true.

It can’t come true because I am already living another perfect day! I wake up in a beautiful loft to sun streaming in my terrace doors. I climb down the stairs and open those doors onto a quiet European street (well, only quiet because it’s early morning). I take in a breath of fresh air. Alone in my apartment I walk to my small kitchen and put on a pot of coffee using my Italian coffee maker. I eat breakfast outside and watch the delivery drivers and grandmothers who fill the street.

I get dressed in a beautiful dress and I put on my red lipstick. With nothing but a small bag I set off into Madrid. Soon the streets fill with people. Here the weather is best in the morning, that is when people start to stir.

Walking down the street I dodge a man, he catches sight of me and grabs my arm. He leads me down alleys showing me the best hot chocolate and flamenco in town and I let him because I have no where else to be. He tries to kiss me. I laughingly push him away and run off on my own, now completely lost in the city that has been my home. I keep wandering and find my way to the Royal Palace. The King must be home because there are horsemen dressed in magnificent (albeit impractical) uniforms keeping the crowd away.

I smile because I have found my way again. I smile as I walk the gardens in front of the palace knowing how lucky I am to be here, now.

How many of us discount the perfection in front of us at this very moment because it doesn’t fit into what we had told ourselves perfect is? Perfect to me is being with friends and family, but all of my family and friends live in another country and I am the last of my expat friends to leave for the year. So am I then unlucky to be living here in Spain? No!!!

I have perfection. I have magic. I am already living a life filled with joy.

Fill your vision boards, write down your goals, plan your perfect day… but don’t let it keep you from what is already right there in front of you.

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