Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I have a question for you… when is the last time you laughed? I mean a belly laugh, laugh until you cry kind of laugh, clenching your stomach because it hurts so good kind of laugh? Laughter is the best medicine, but many of us don’t use it regularly. There are going to be days when you don’t laugh, that’s just a given if you’re an adult with responsibilities. But bad things start to happen when too many days without laughter go by. I find that if I haven’t laughed in awhile I start feeling down, maybe even a bit depressed.

The best ways to keep ourselves happy can be the easiest… eat well, move, and laugh! It can be hard to let go sometimes, especially if you work in a position of authority, but trust me when I say that even at those times a sense of humor can serve you well. I taught students about American life and culture in Spain for almost two years and I went to a different classes everyday with different teachers. Some teachers felt that the best way to maintain discipline was to always be a person of authority. To never laugh or make a joke because they felt that if they did so, the students would disrespect them. Other teachers would laugh with their students if something funny came up in class or in the text. I’m sure you can guess which classes went better. Obviously the students liked the friendlier teacher more, but it might surprise you to know that they respected the teacher who laughed more too. That might be hard to understand, but respect, like, and trust all go hand in hand together and someone who has a sense of humor is easier to respect, like, and trust.

So in summary, laughter is the best medicine, and it makes people like you more too!

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