Just Stay Curious Be Unique Challenge

Just Stay Curious Be Unique Challenge

This week we had the Just Stay Curious Be Unique challenge. ¬†We embraced all the things that make us special, flaws and all, and made leaps and bounds towards getting in touch with our authentic selves. It’s not always easy to stay true to oneself, and that’s why being authentic is about choosing everyday to make decisions that align with who you are as a person. If you missed anything this week, here’s what we talked about-

The Challenge: Here’s an intro to the Just Stay Curious Be Unique Challenge, and an invitation to get on the mailing list to join future challenges.

Reading List: An inspirational list of articles to help overcome fears of authenticity. Get several different perspectives on what it means to be authentic, or be oneself, and why it’s important to do so.

Fitting In: Why we shouldn’t try to fit in, we should be our own weird self. We should embrace our individuality even when we’re tempted to be someone we’re not.

Real Talk: Why it’s important to embrace all parts of ourselves and how to combat negative self talk- it’ll take time and most likely a lot of repetition, but it’s possible to get started.

Meditation: A meditation to help get you in the right mindset to just be you. Download it and listen whenever you need an extra push, or just some “me time” to relax and meditate.

Self Portrait: A mini challenge to take a self portrait that captures the essence of who you are. Create something that will make you happy and is totally you.

Check out Instagram to see more and you can even post your progress with the Just Stay Curious Be Unique challenge by using the hashtag #juststaycuriouschallenge. If you took part in the challenge, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.



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