Is Self Love Important?

just stay curious is self love importantjust stay curious is self love important

Is self love important?

just stay curious is self love important

Yes! If you are struggling with keeping up with the daily task of self love, if you are asking yourself at any point- is self love important- then this list of inspirational net finds is for you! I’ve lovingly put together a list of things to read when you aren’t feeling particularly self loving. Sometimes all it takes is a little touch, a small form of accountability to get started (or restarted) on the right path.

10 Wonderful Ways to Practice Self Love I often find that things work for me sometimes and sometimes they just don’t. Here’s a list of 10 ways to practice self love that should get you through all the times.

Self-Love Must Come First: How to Love Yourself Advice straight from the doctor’s mouth! This includes ways we Do and Do Not love ourselves. Maybe it will shed some light on negative behaviors you aren’t even aware of.

The Magic of Loving Yourself First A great reminder that while it’s so good to give, you can’t give anything if you don’t fill your own cup up first. Is your cup full? Or are you giving away the dregs?

10 Ways to Love Yourself (More) in the Modern World Yeah, that’s right… 10 more ideas for you! Because self love is really important, lovely! You gotta do! Whatever you can do, bit by bit, build yourself up!

How To Start Your Morning Routine With Love Because just like we’re more likely to make better food choices throughout the day if we start with breakfast, we’re also more likely to make more loving choices toward ourselves if we start out with self love.

So what do you think? Is self love important? I do hope you said yes! If you’re interested in reading about this week’s challenge, you can read it here. As always, share your progress on Instagram using the hashtag #juststaycuriouschallenge. How are you practicing self love?


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