Introducing the Metaphysical

A Course in Miracles, Day One

Since I’ve starting focusing on releasing my fear a number of resources have popped up for me, mostly books, but also a mantra or two to keep me going.

"What you seek is seeking you" ~Rumi

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I shared that I started reading Spirt Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein and so I’ve been inspired to start reading A Course in Miracles which is a metaphysical text that supposedly provides the way to peace, happiness, and a life without fear.

Beginning something new

I’m approaching this course with a healthy mix of skepticism and hope. Regardless of whether you believe in any sacred texts or not, A Course in Miracles immediately requires you to stop taking yourself so seriously. The exercise for day one (you can find all 365 exercises here) is to look around you and to each thing you see say, this does not mean anything.

As you can see, day one requires you to put aside any feelings of superiority you might have just to do the exercise. I did feel pretty silly doing it at first, but slowly I began to feel the infinite space of the universe from my little apartment. No this lamp, although it might be beautiful, doesn’t mean anything. Neither does this stack of books next to me.

Something for everyone

Whatever your personal beliefs on the matter might be, I think that it’s always healthy to challenge our concept of the world we live in. If you challenge it and s till don’t believe, perhaps you will strengthen your own convictions.

I haven't yet read tomorrow's lesson but I am intrigued to discover what new ways of thinking present themselves as possibilities. I wonder if I will be able to complete all 365 lessons and if I do, how I'll be changed.

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