Inspiration to Be Yourself

Yesterday, I announced this week’s challenge: “be unique”. I hope that you’ve already started with the challenge and you’re sharing it on Instagram with the hashtag #juststaycuriouschallenge.

To further help you out this week, I’ve compiled some articles that should inspire and help you on your journey to embrace your individuality. Check them out:

  1. What It Means to Just Be Yourself and 3 Ways to Do It Thoughts, intuition, and your inner child- what do these have to do with being unique? Read this article to find out.

  2. Embracing Your Quirks Reassurance that’s it’s okay to go against the flow and follow your heart. Be weird because your weirdness makes you who you are.

  3. 5 Reasons Your Individuality Is Important Great list if you start to feel discouraged or silly during the challenge.
  4. An Evolutionary View of Individuality An academic article showing how individuality created great change throughout society and the need to fit in sometimes held society back.
  5. Solving the Authenticity Paradox (How To Be Who You Really Are) Trying to be authentic is inauthentic, so what’s a person to do?

Remember, being unique means accepting yourself for who you are. You don’t have to fit in, just be true to yourself and you’ll be on the right path. How’s the challenge going so far? Let me know in the comments!


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