I See Only The Past

lesson seven of a course in miracles

Today, during lesson seven of A Course in Miracles, I am reminded of all of the little mementos and souvenirs I have. I have magnets from my travels, a blanket I bought in Madrid, a scarf I bought in Paris. In my kitchen cupboards I have tea sent to me from India, and on my finger I wear a ring given to me by my boyfriend.

And all of these things remind me of the past.

I see only the past in this magnet, I see only the past in this blanket, I see only the past in this ring.

The last, the ring, is the hardest to come to terms with because the ring was given to me as a promise for the future, not to remember the past.

But lesson seven of A Course in Miracles is pretty clear that I cannot omit anything, so I say the words as I look at everything in the room around me. It makes sense, a little bit of sense. I'm at the beginning, so I'm okay with that. (Day One)

But today's lesson has brought a flood of memories to me, making me long for places and times of the past. I have to remember that I am here now, and that this moment is beautiful in and of itself. I have to remember that some of my memories are not quite perfect...

For example my memory of walking down a street in Madrid leaves out all the fear I was feeling, being totally alone in a new country. My memory romanticizes it. That's okay though, it's a nice memory :)

And here where I am now, in my cozy (read small) living room, with my candles lit, and snuggle under my blanket from Madrid, I am happy. I am happy because I have this beautiful miracle of time to reflect on lesson seven of A Course in Miracles and think of all the ways it applies to my life now.

This beautiful time I have for growth and healing. I feel like I am in my winter season, hibernating and preparing for spring.

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