Graffiti in Portugal

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, things have been pretty hectic and they are finally started to calm down… just in time for more change. Moving generally does that and I just can’t stop moving!

I want to show you some of theĀ amazingĀ graffiti that I saw while I was in Oporto, Portugal this past year. I only wish I had taken more pictures. I’m a huge fan of graffiti art, and so far I think my favorite city for the best graffiti has been Oporto. Once you see the (sadly few) photos that I have I think that you will totally agree. Is there anything better than free art?

Just Stay Curious Just Stay Curious Just Stay CuriousWhich one is your favorite? I just can’t decide, I’m always torn between them. I am in awe of how talented these street artists are and how they make their art for love. That is really incredible and inspirational. While walking around in historic Porto, I felt that these images added to my overall experience, they didn’t detract at all.

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