Go Ahead, Let Yourself Laugh A Little

Let Yourself Laugh

A whole lot of times society tells us that we should be serious… if you want to succeed in life then you need to buckle down and be serious, which is true to a point. You also need to know how to lighten up. Go ahead, let yourself laugh a little. It’ll lighten things up and relieve your stress. Don’t believe me? Check out the first item on this list. As the old adage goes, all work and no play… Look at one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history, Richard Branson, he is sooooo successful and he starts his day out swimming in the ocean around his private island for fun. I don’t think he laughs while he swims, but you get the point right?

I have a tendency to laugh at really inappropriate times… it’s like a nervous reflex. Once, my friend fell down while doing a head stand in yoga class. I didn’t run to her aid like the people around her, I started laughing. In the moment I was embarrassed, but later on I told her why I laughed and then we laughed at the whole situation together and now I can just laugh without the embarrassment if I recall the memory. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are inappropriate times to laugh, but the ability to laugh at yourself is invaluable. It’s okay to let yourself laugh. It’s what makes us human, right?

This week we’ll be talking about humor everyday as part of the challenge because I think that having a sense of humor is so important. Being able to laugh evenĀ especially when things are tough makes it all manageable. It’s when we feel like we can’t laugh, when life becomes too serious, that life seems to become impossible. If you can’t let yourself laugh, life will become a struggle, a daily grind. Don’t let that happen.

Check out the challenge and post your funniest memories or photos on Instagram using the hashtag #juststaycuriouschallenge and let yourself laugh!

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