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This summer I worked with a life coach because I wanted to let go of some baggage and get back in touch with my inner child… to find the little girl who wasn’t afraid to take risks and didn’t care what other people thought of her.

I learned some really valuable tools from her, including forgiveness and the art of fascination instead of judgement. I’m really happy that I worked with her, however my biggest education has been this past month working with kids, some of them just 3 years old, and living on a quiet island.

When I first heard that my job was placing me in Las Islas Baleares I had some expectations, far more than I had last year when I arrived in Madrid. For starters I thought I would live somewhere glamorous like Ibiza– I work in a small village called Es Castell. I also thought I’d be working with teens and adults again– I work with the youngest children.

The universe heard my prayer and placed me in a small, quiet, friendly place with plenty of time to think, reflect, and create. As far as connecting to my inner child? Well I personally find it impossible to keep a straight face while in a room of 3 year olds.

It’s been an incredibly long time since I have been surrounded by pure joy. And probably even longer since I’ve been in a room of 20 people who adored me for just being me. I can’t wait to continue getting to know these adorable innocent children.

When I look at them I only feel love and compassion. I have a passion for children’s rights reawakened in me that I hope to explore further in the future. Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy teaching and learning from them.

Until next time! x

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