Forgotten Inspiration

Gillian Rose Rodriguez

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration. Where does it come from and is it necessary to create good creative work?

To give some more background about myself, I’ve always been an artist, but I just started to realize in the past year and a half that perhaps my creativity was pointed in the wrong direction.

In University I studied music, then photography, and finally finished with music again. I chose to be a musician because I desperately wanted to play piccolo ( a goal which I achieved by the age of 13). I wanted to play the piccolo because of an ABC book I had as a little girl that said P was for Piccolo. I’ve taken this to be sign which I’ve based my whole life on. But I think I got it wrong. While I would never take back the years I spent studying music, except perhaps marching band practice in New Mexico in August, I think I got it wrong. I thought I had been given a sign from the universe to play the flute so that I could play the piccolo, and considering that I held onto that sign for so many years, including a BA, you can see that it was a strong sign. But I don’t think it was about music. I think I failed to realize that that moment was in fact the first time I remember being inspired by a book.

I’ve always loved reading. In elementary school I would pretend to be sick so I could go home and read. I read approximately a book a day and came to know the librarian very well in middle school. While I tended to get bored practicing for an hour a day I never got tired of reading.

When I moved to Madrid my apartment walls were too thin to practice my flute and my arias. I am a creative person, I need to create. And so I turned to writing and feel I’ve found an important part of myself.

I still don’t know how exactly I define inspiration, but I think if you can find it every day then you’re on the right path. Not just for creativity, but for life itself.

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