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Podcasts are fantastic, and I'm not just saying that because I have one... I've listened to podcasts for years. There are so many inspiring podcasts to listen to. They are wonderful, free ways to get inspiration and learn new things. The problem is... there are SOOO many podcasts out there... which ones should you listen to? I've created a list of some of my favorite inspiring podcasts. Give them a listen, and if you like the message, subscribe so you'll stay up to date when new episodes are released. Also, share these inspiring podcasts with your friends, and don't be afraid to reach out to the host with your thoughts... As a podcast host myself, sometimes I do wonder whether people like what I'm doing and it's very nice to get an email from someone telling me they enjoy what i'm doing :)

Inspiring Podcasts to listen to just stay curious

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Love is a Verb

Love Is A Verb is a podcast by Lauren Herrera encouraging everyone to create loving lifestyles for themselves. It’s a daily podcast with episodes ranging from 10 minute take action topics, and 20-40 minute interviews with experts from around the world. Lauren talks about mind, body, soul, meta-physics, law and relationships, and my favorite topic—self-care. 

The Energy Healing Podcast

The Energy Healing Podcast is hosted by Tara Williams. She aims to wake you up to your body's ability to heal by using the tools already inside of you—the energy you bring to the world... She’s a very friendly host who teaches techniques for blasting your fears, anxiety, phobias, depressed feelings and self sabotaging thoughts. If you’re interested in getting to understand yourself and your purpose more, check out this podcast. Tara also does interviews with energy coaches, healers, and practitioners. This twice a week podcast runs approximately 20 min, with some longer and shorter episodes. 

Everyday Light Warriors Podcast

Everyday Light Warriors Podcast with host Yenny Stromgen is a weekly 30 minute show. She talks to people from all walks of life about the challenges they have faced, while bringing to light the present victories. The show features musicians, healers, entrepreneurs, politicians, bloggers, artists, teachers, life coaches, comedians and so much more. Topics include tough subjects like depression, anorexia, drug use, grief, suicide, men’s mental health, stage fright, eating disorders, lost love, to entrepreneurship, living in tiny houses, sustainable living, health, and well-being ,to finding your happiness.

The Relationship Revolution Show

Couple Tim and Ness are the hosts of The Relationship Revolution Show, a weekly podcast that focuses on building extraordinary relationships and a high quality of life. Tim and Ness are both Relationship Coaches, and the dynamic between them is fun and easy. They talk about relationship how-to's, interview leading experts and everyday couples who are getting it right. Single or in a relationship, this is an awesome podcast. 

Just Stay Curious

;) On the Just Stay Curious Podcast, I talk to women from all over the world. We discuss many aspects of their lives- the good, the bad, and everything in between. As these women talk about their hardships, moments of clarity, and lessons learned, they'll also be delving into a seriously important topic: self-love. Hear self-love defined from women in all walks of life, get tips to include in your own self-care routine, listen to inspirational quotes, and add a few books to your must-read list. These interviews are raw and inspirational. When women are brave enough to listen to other's stories, they start to gain the courage to share their own.

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