Create Your Vision E-Board

Why create a vision board?

What are the benefits of creating a vision board? For starters, they provide a visual representation of your thoughts, goals and dreams. A vision board is a positive manifestation of your brightest beliefs, and a significant tool to help make those beliefs reality.

Unleash creative potential

It’s also a great tool to unleash some creative energy into your life. Instead of just telling yourself, “I want to start a family”, you start thinking about what that really means—perhaps you extend it to “I want to be a mother and I want a family pet”.

Instead of saying, “I want to be happy”, you think “happiness is feeling free, and walking on a beach”. Instead of saying “I want inner peace”, you say “I want to carve out daily time to meditate so I can feel peaceful”.

My words were peace and happiness, and my goals were to travel, and start a family. I chose the images that contain meaning for me. You can add even more photos than I did. You can add as many as you’d like, there aren’t any rules**.


A lot of people are afraid to create a vision e-board because they are worried it will be too difficult or that their tech skills aren't up to par. 

That couldn't be further from the truth! There are a ton of free programs available that make it incredibly easy to do.​ Keep reading to find out more.


Pinterest is a great place to start to gather inspiration. You can easily search and find images for any thought, feeling, goal, or topic.

Picmonkey is a mostly free software (some paid upgrades, but not necessary to purchase them) has great collage building templates to get you started.

Quick Note**

Not all images you find on the Internet or Google are free to use. If you are just using your vision board for personal purposes (i.e. your desktop or phone background) you’ll be fine. If however you plan on sharing your vision board on the web, or printing it out and sharing it around, make sure you have rights to do so. Here a few resources if you think you’ll need to license the images on your board. (free) (paid)
More free sites

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