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Sometimes I get to work from home. I used to revel in my pajamas and make up less state, but now I get ready. I put on a nice dress, I do my make up, I wear my red lipstick. Don’t get me wrong, I’m comfortable. But I make an effort. And it has changed my life!

But how?

I have more confidence just knowing that I look great.

On the occasion that I have an unscheduled visitor, I don’t have to scramble.

Suddenly realizing I’m out of eggs isn’t a daunting experience.

Spur of the moment lunches with friends are totally doable.

My boyfriend notices and responds in kind when he returns home.

I get all of these results with minimal effort. Most of my clothing, especially in summer time is just as comfortable a a pair of pjs anyways- and I feel fabulous. It’s hard to go back.

I may have lost some of you on the red lipstick part though. For many of us red lipstick signals a special event- a birthday party, date, anniversary, night on the town, etc. I must then challenge you with this: why are you waiting for a special occasion? Isn’t your life a special occasion?

Gotcha! You can’t argue with that logic, can you? Well, your lipstick doesn’t have to be red, but go ahead and make an effort and let me know how your life changes in the comments below. Remember, a small change made daily adds up to big changes over time. My little boost of confidence daily has overall had a huge impact on my life.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming this week:

I will be going to The Bite Lab in NYC this coming week to have my custom color consultation and my perfect shade of lipstick made!!!

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