Change Your Story. Change Your Life.

I will change my story. I will change my life.

“Check your stories. What are you telling yourself? Telling yourself a story and believing it is true requires you to live that story. . . If that’s not the reality you like, tell yourself a better story.” Joanna Hunter, spiritual life and business coach.

This meditation is inspired by Joanna Hunter’s wisdom and the power of each of us to change our stories and thereby change our lives.

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I am the author of my story

I am the author of my story. Each day, I will carefully review the facts as I perceive them to be. Nothing is set in stone. Nothing has only one interpretation. I will carefully craft my story to create the reality of my life.

My things

I am the author of my story. My story includes my possessions. I will carefully care for my possessions. I recognize that I am more fortunate than most on this planet. I consider my possessions items I can love and that bring me joy. I dispose of those possessions that no longer serve me. I replace those possessions that need replacing. I recognize that I sometimes express longing for more. I remind myself I have enough. I call to mind the question, “What makes you think that you will be happier with more, if you can’t be happy with what you have?”

I celebrate what I have. I am joyful that each day I wake up with a roof over my head. I celebrate my hot water. I rejoice in my coffee. I am grateful for my clothes. I give away those clothes that no longer fit me or flatter me. This keeps my closet free of clutter.

I am delighted with my furniture. I arrange it in a way that is pleasing to me and comforting to me. I recognize that my furniture is not a reflection of who I am. Rather, my furniture is designed to bring me joy. I am joyful that I have a bed. I recognize many people don’t. I am overwhelmed and humbled to be one of the lucky people on the planet to have furniture.

I am grateful for my cookware and my dishes. I use my kitchenware to create meals that nourish my body and feed my soul. I use my kitchenware to create food that blesses my family and friends. I am delighted that I live such an abundant life that I have a refrigerator to keep food fresh. It allows me so much more freedom and flexibility to have a refrigerator and a stove.

My loved ones

I am the author of my story. My story includes my loved ones. I recognize how very lucky I am to have loved ones. I surround myself with loved ones that bring me joy. This includes my family by blood, and my family by heart. I do not focus on shortcomings of my loved ones. I celebrate their strengths. I recognize that people sometimes disappoint other people, and I spend my time focusing not on the disappointments but the positive aspects of our relationships. I am a better person because of the people I spend my time with. I choose who I spend my valuable time with. I make sure each day to connect with some of my loved ones. I cherish these relationships and recognize they need tending to. I make an effort to tend to my relationships to my benefit.

I am delighted that I have loved ones that make me laugh. I am grateful that I have loved ones who are willing to help me when I need it, whether with a kind word, a gentle touch, or physical assistance, such as helping me move a dresser or host a party. I am well loved. I am so grateful because I have been blessed with people who know me and love me.

My thoughts

I am the author of my story. Therefore, it is my responsibility to guard it as if my very life depended on it – because it does. I will hold on to my truth. I will pick my truth carefully. I live within my means. I have enough money. More money will be flowing to me. I work with joy in my heart. If I am not doing what I love at this moment, I am still grateful I have a job and the opportunity to search for that which will bring me joy. I journal because my thoughts matter. I pick words that are kind and loving, because I am a kind and loving person. I focus on the good in things, because there is good and bad in everything, and I want my story to reflect the good.

I take time each day to consciously acknowledge that which I am grateful for. This trains my brain to see everything in my life with gratitude. I want to be a grateful person. I know that my life circumstances are better than many, if not most of the 7 billion people on this planet. I am so fortunate. I am so fortunate. I am so fortunate.

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