Breaking Free from Self Judgement

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Today I want to talk about that devil on our shoulders called self judgement. As a creative person it can be far too easy to give in. I’ve written before about my struggles with perfection. This is a lesson that I have to learn over and over again, and I know that we all deal with it.

I want to share a couple of things that help me when I’m falling down the rabbit hole where nothing is ever good enough.

  1. I love this quote and I use it like a mantra: “Really good is good enough”. This is helpful for everything from writing a first draft, to cooking for a dinner party, and even for planning a trip.

2. Forgive yourself. This takes a while and is a multi step process. I’ve broken down what works for me. First write down the things you don’t like about yourself. Next, say I forgive you for each item you’ve written down and cross it off. Even for the little things. I know I’ve gotten a laugh when I’ve caught myself getting mad for using too many adverbs (all the time) and I make myself write it down and then forgive myself. If you use this step for the small stuff as well as the big stuff, it can be very helpful.

3. Next write down a list of things you do like about yourself. Every positive thing you can think of. Save the list. Add to it often. Add to it when other people say good things about you. When you feel down or sad, or when you start to judge yourself then read the list for a great little pick me up.

If you are still focusing on self judgement, then do the forgiveness work again. Repeat as often as you need to. Repeat it daily.

I’d love to know how you battle with your self judgement devil. Let me know in the comments:

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