Be Authentic. Be You.


Be Authentic. Be You. Just Stay Curious.

Be Authentic. Be You. Just Stay Curious.

No matter what field you’re in you will find a ton of advice to be successful. I think that the only way you can be successful is to be yourself. This is the key to self confidence. We are all born different. Embrace what makes you special. Be authentic. Be you.

I read a lot of articles giving advice and I always have- how to lose weight, how to get into your dream school, how to pack for a vacation, how to be more confident, how to be a better writer… between us I think we could come up with an infinite list of ideas.

The trap comes when we start to believe in other people instead of ourselves. We do things that aren’t right for us because it worked for someone else and we start to see ourselves as something that needs to be fixed instead of someone who is living their life now. My friend Lara from the UK wrote a great piece about self improvement vs. self actualization. I love the ideas that she presents.

Another example is a from a life coach I follow. She tells her followers that she is not the expert on living a dream life, she is only the expert on living her dream life and she can only share what has worked for her. It may not work for everyone.

The key to any advice, whether it’s from the internet, a respected life coach, a friend, or your mother, is to try it on, try it out and let it go if it doesn’t fit.

Some of the writing advice I’ve come across is to write in the morning… well, that doesn’t work for me. I right better at night. Another piece of advice was not to read often but to read diligently, taking notes and paying close attention to what the author is doing. I disagree. I read to become immersed in a story and I believe that I will pick up skills the same way children learn to speak- immersion.

I won’t even get into all the diet advice I’ve heard ;)

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