5 Tips for Hiring a Life Coach

Finding a life coach, if done the right way and in the right spirit, can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Coaches aren’t therapists, but they are (or should be) trained to help you achieve your goals and give you tools for a better life.

I’ve worked with coaches in the past, and I’m currently in the process of starting work with another one so I thought I’d share 5 tips for hiring a life coach that have worked for me, and at the end of the post I've included a PDF with 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Life Coach.

1. Get clear on what you want?

The purpose of the life coach is not for them to figure out what you want. They aren’t magicians or mind readers. Your goal can be to find your goals and passions, or to lose weight, or to get promoted. Your goal can’t be nothing.

If you come to a coach with no idea what you want then a) you haven’t researched your potential coach enough to know what their area of expertise is, b) you haven’t thought enough about why you want a coach, or c) you’ll spend a lot of money with a coach figuring out what you want before you even start on the real work—you may then find out that this coach isn’t the right person for you.

2. Get on the mailing list

Most coaches these days have a blog and email list. When you find someone you think you’d like to work with, read the material they have available. Do they seem like someone who is in alignment with your goals? What emotion does their writing illicit in you? Are they someone you can admire? Do you think they will take your needs seriously?

You don’t want to hire a life coach on a whim. Take a few weeks to get to their online persona. Some coaches offer a free 30-minute consultation. You should take advantage of this before you commit as an additional way to get to know them.

3. Choose someone who has accomplished what you want

Another way to think of a life coach is a mentor. You want to find someone who knows the ropes and who can share the map with you. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of amazing people out there. Choose the one who has the most to offer to you.

This is another reason figuring out #1 is so important. There are so many life coaches out there right now, and with the Internet and Skype, the pool has widened even more. By knowing what you want you can find someone who has accomplished it and therefore is specialized in it.

Think of a life coach as mentor, someone who has the map and can show you the ropes.

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4. Make sure you can handle the “homework”.

I’ve worked with coaches who give daily, weekly, or bi weekly assignments. Make sure you’re up for the task, otherwise you’re wasting time and money. Also, your mentor might not take you seriously if you aren’t taking them seriously.

It’s ok to not want to have a daily assignment. We all have different demands on our daily lives, some more than others. Don’t get sucked into what you perceive the value to be—if you can’t do daily work but you can handle a weekly assignment then that one is better. The more valuable one is the one you will do.

5. Choose someone you can afford

Some coaches I’ve come across have things posted like, “if you are worth it to yourself, you’ll come up with the money”. I’ve heard of people taking out loans to work with some big names. Just remember, the purpose of finding a life coach is to better yourself, and achieve your goals—not to put yourself into debt. There are people who are willing to work with all income levels.

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