5 Reasons Why Female Entrepreneurs NEED Self-Care

More and more women are entering the entrepreneurial world, striving to bring their unique ideas and perspectives out into the world. It’s amazing because we are a generation of empowered women who aren’t afraid to share our ideas with the world!

But there’s also something else going on… something that is not awesome. More and more women are running themselves ragged putting countless hours into their ventures, pushing themselves to exhaustion. The good news is this is avoidable when we practice daily (yes, daily) self-care. While it’s important for everyone to practice self-care, it’s especially important to female entrepreneurs because of our unique challenges.

Here's five reasons why:

1. Being an entrepreneur is more energy and time consuming than any 9-5. When you work for yourself, you never punch out. You’re always thinking and planning of how to build your business. It’s important to carve out a few minutes of self-care each day to give yourself time to regroup and relax.

5 Reasons Why Female Entrepreneurs NEED Self-Care Just Stay Curious self-love

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5 Reasons Why Female Entrepreneurs NEED Self-Care

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2. Work/life integration can sometimes feel impossible. Self care gives us time to reconnect with our intuition which makes it easier to make sure that we are on the right path with both our personal and professional goals. It gives us the space we need to see the big picture, and to see whether or not our work is consuming us.

3. Starting a business brings up a lot of mental resistance and blocks. Sometimes it brings up stuff about us that we didn’t even know we were carrying around. If you want to truly get to know yourself, start a business. Sometimes it can be scary or even seem impossible to work through those blocks. Self care gives us a safe place to work through all the emotions that necessarily come up with our new endeavors.

4. Entrepreneurs are always giving to others. Part of being your own business is getting people to know, like, and trust you. That often means giving- giving your time, your knowledge, your resources, your advice… the list is never ending. But it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup and if all you do is give to others and never to yourself, you’ll get burnt out.

5. Entrepreneurs constantly encourage others to practice self-care. No matter what you’re selling, you’re solving someone’s problem. And if they buy it from you then they are practicing self-care. They are buying something that will make their life a little easier. As entrepreneurs we sometimes forget to walk the walk. We’re so busy trying to solve other people’s problems that we forget to take care of our own, and, if we neglect the things that are little now, they will become problems in the future.

If you’re a female entrepreneur then you definitely need to have a self-care practice. It’s okay to start small. This week commit to one self-care ritual to practice each day. Maybe it’s a cup of tea, or taking 1 minute to focus on your breathing. As you gain confidence you can start to add bigger things into the equation.

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