134 The Empowered Woman, Interview with Rosette Obedoza

Rosette Obedoza is the creator of ZenSavvyMomma™ a Lifestyle & Business Strategy consulting company; founder of a brick & mortar preschool in Okinawa, Japan; and publisher of Overseascentral, a virtual resource website for U.S. Military and Embassy Expats. As mentor and online entrepreneur, Rosette is passionate in delivering simple ways for women to create multiple income streams by focusing on their strengths and teaching them time-saving strategies that actually work.
“FINDING YOUR VOICE: THE ASSERTIVE & EMPOWERED WOMAN.” This book features 20 coaches, consultants, business owners, and leaders from several countries. This international book will provide the tools for increased personal empowerment and assertiveness for women globally to stand up for themselves, increase their feelings of self-worth, teach women how to stop this bullying against women globally, and provide the steps to embracing the power of a woman. 
A special gift for Just Stay Curious fans, Rosette’s Chapter – Chapter 14 How To Reach Your Goals And Live Your Dreams, please go to this link to receive your free download: https://gum.co/HGbL
http://www.zensavvymomma.com Twitter: @RObedoza Instagram: @rosetteobedoza
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