109 Fulfilling Work, Interview with Andrea Jordan

After 17 years as a corporate attorney, Andrea realized she was no longer happy or fulfilled with the work. Additionally, over the years, she developed a few challenging illnesses, including sever dizziness. The dizziness forced her to take three weeks off work. The first morning away from work, Andrea realized she didn’t want to be an attorney anymore. Andrea took some time to assess her situation, and developed a plan to become a digital nomad. Now , she travels the world, exploring new places and working remotely.

Q & A

What was the number one thing that was holding you back from accepting self love?

Not feeling like it was actually something that was possible for me. Especially working as a lawyer, I just thought this was how life was. I had to work very long hours to get paid well. In the space, it was just what you put up with. 

Who is one person who has changed your life for the better?

I’ve had so many wonderful people. I think I’m going to group all of my coaches into one bundle. I have had a couple of career coaches along the way. They each made life significantly better.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

“Keep it simple, stupid.”

What is a self care habit that you practice regularly?

My exercise routine in the morning. There are sometimes when I really don’t want to do it. But as soon as I put my music, I am just in the zone. It is wonderful to be able to use my body in that way, and see the ways my body is improving.

Can you share a resource, an app or a tool that we can use to build our selfcare practice.

I am a fan of the Pomodoro Technique, which advocates 25 minutes of work followed by a short break. There’s an app called Tomato Timer that helps with that.

What book are you reading right now?

The Time Out Guide to Uruguay.

What is the one thing that you are most passionate about?

My photography. My volunteer work with rescue animals. Traveling, and working with business owners to grow their own businesses.

Guest Bio

Andrea Jordan is a business strategist for entrepreneurs, creatives & adventurers. With a rare combination of expertise in corporate law and business coaching, together with a degree in accounting, this woman knows her stuff! She is also a digital nomad who has made a commitment to support the communities she lives in by volunteering at animal shelters as she travels throughout Latin America.

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