091 Movement as Medicine, Interview with Rochelle Schieck

Rochelle explores movement as medicine, as metaphor, and as prayer. During her interview with Just Stay Curious, Rochelle discusses her “dark night of the soul,” a year of struggling to work through the end of a difficult relationship. She describes her feelings of not feeling worthy, and her realization she was attracted to rejection, as well as her journey to find her own sense of self. She sees her dark night of the soul as a gift she learned from, and thus, doesn’t have to repeat it. She also takes the lessons forward in helping other women heal. Rochelle also shares her pilgrimage to Peru.

Q & A

Why is self love so important?

What was the number one thing that was holding you back from accepting self love?

Being busy. I was too tired and too busy to take the time.

Who is one person who has changed your life for the better?

In this moment, I am really grateful for Danielle LaPorte.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

A dear friend of mine was talking about fear. She said, “On the other side of it is always love. You just have to go through it.”

What is a self care habit that you practice regularly?

A bath at the end of the day, with Epsom salts, essential oils, and a good book.

Do you have a favorite quote?

What you look for is what you see.

Can you share with us a resource or an app that we can use to help our own self care practice grow?

I love Oracle cards. My favorite cards are from Alana Fairchild. You can also get apps that have Oracle card.

What book are you reading right now?

Entangled by Graham Hancock

What is the one thing that you are most passionate about?

Elevating the feminine to her rightful place.

Guest Bio

Rochelle Schieck is the founder of Qoya. Since its inception in 2009, she has trained hundreds of Qoya teachers, taught thousands of Qoya movement classes, and led dozens of retreats in the most sacred places on earth with one intention in mind: to remember, and to help others do the same. Her work has been featured in outlets like New York Magazine, Oprah.com, The Telegraph, and Psychology Today.


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