069 Finally Seeing Clearly, Interview with Stacey Herrera

Stacey describes a gradual shift in perspective as she spent five years at a job she hated. While many people express concern or sadness when she relates her experience, she identifies those years as critical to finding her purpose and her joy.

Whatever your story is, ​whenever you are stressed out, or in discomfort, that is when you need self-love most of all. Read more about how to practice self-love... when you're stressed out. 

Finally Seeing, Interview with Stacey Herrera, read more

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Why do you think self love is important?

Because it’s really close to impossible . . . to receive love or give love to someone else. Because even if someone loves you with your whole heart, if you don’t really love yourself, you’ll never believe them.

What was holding you back from accepting self-love?​

I think that living up to the expectations of other people and maybe not even that it probably isn't even accurate. Living up to what I thought people expected me.

Best Advice?

The best advice I ever received. Don't stop, don't stop. My family is really a great support system even when it's gotten really hard.  I often question why. Should I be giving up? Confidence has never been an issue for me but sometimes I have to wonder am I making up stuff? So sometimes I'll check in and be like Is this you know am I really not crazy? And my family will say don't like don't quit don't give up like you do... what you're doing is necessary. So I think that that's probably the best advice is don't stop.

Don't take anything personally.  Read more.

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I think the reason that we go into this negative self-talk spiral so often is because what we want to do is be out of the discomfort as quickly as possible. The problem with that is, the more you resist the discomfort, the longer you stay in. Read more

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Regular self-care habit?

I massage my breasts and feet every day. I massage my feet because my feet are so great about supporting me. They do such a really hard job of supporting every single part of my body every single day.

And so I like to show them some love and also because of reflexology points on the feet. It's just really great for your lymphatic system to massage them. Same thing for your breasts because they are strongly linked to lymph nodes. And so it's really great to keep your body nice and juicy on the inside.

Can you share with us a resource or an app that we can use to help our own self care practice grow?

“My days” which is a menstrual tracking app. I think that it's really important to track your menstrual cycle. It's not just about knowing when you're ovulating and when your period is going to come which is exactly what most of us think when we think of tracking our periods. We just want to make sure that we know when the egg is coming to likely avoid pregnancy and we want to know when the period is coming to avoid embarrassment. But the truth is is that in tracking your period when you know the space, like the week that you're going to be pre-menstrual

I was following breadcrumbs and thinking they were going to lead someplace entirely different from where I landed. Read more

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About This Guest:

Finally Seeing, Interview with Stacey Herrera, read more

Stacey Herrera is a Body, Love, and Pleasure Strategist, from southern California. Her sensuality focused work helps women to enjoy their bodies, cultivate conscious relationships, and live delicious whole-hearted lives.

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