066 Surrender, Interview with Cassandra Bodzak

Cassandra Bodak shares her “dark night of the soul,” which led her to surrender. And so began her spiritual journey, experimenting with different meditation techniques and yoga styles to arrive at her place of joy. You can step into Cassandra’s place of joy with a free seven day trial at aprecity.com/join.

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Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw

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​Why do you think self-love is important? 

Because if you don't love yourself it makes it very hard to be a force of love in the world.

What was the number one thing that was holding you back from accepting self love?

Thinking I was worthy of it

Who is one person who has changed your life for the better?

My brother

What is the best advice you have ever received?

You have a choice every day to decide that everything that is happening is helping you towards the destiny you want to create.

What is a self care habit that you practice regularly?

I take regular Epsom salt baths with lavender and jasmine, and I light candles and I play mantras while I'm in the bath. And it's one of my favorite self-care rituals.

Our only purpose here is to give and receive love, Cassandra Bodzak

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Meditate like you medicate

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Do you have a favorite quote?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

Can you share with us a resource or an app that we can use to help our own self care practice grow?

I recommend my book, Eat with Intention. There’s a whole chapter on self care. YouTube is also something I think is helpful. It’s a tremendous resource.

What book are you reading right now? Rise Sister Rise! by Rebecca Campbell.

What is the one thing that you are most passionate about?

Spreading love. You can explore my community at aprecity.com with a free seven day trial. I'm really passionate about creating a space where women can support each other and hold each other through their journey and giving them the resources and the tools to do it. So that is something that I'm constantly working at with my work, with my personal life, and of course with my different endeavors. So yeah I think as women we really need to come together and we can hold a space for each other's transformation.

My intellect doesn't know what's best for me, but my intuition does. Cassandra Bodzak, read more

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About This Guest:

Cassandra Bodzak

Cassandra Bodak is the founder of the online mind-body-soul support community, Aprecity.com and a global meditation and wellness teacher who instructs people on how to utilize the technologies of food, meditation, and self-care to make peace with their bodies and their plates. Cassandra is the host of Eat with Intention TV or you may know her as the happy, healthy living guru from ABC’s The Taste. Cassandra is an author, speaker, and certified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. Her new book “Eat with Intention” is all about quieting your mind, loving your body and nourishing yourself from the inside out.

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