040 Finally Speaking My Truth, Interview with Flora Ware

Flora Ware is a multi-passionate artist, entrepreneur, and Priestess. She lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada with her wife and 2 year old son. As an Empowerment Coach and Goddess Guide, she works with women ready to awaken to their potential, embody their wisdom, and step into their power. Flora talks about how finally speaking her truth led her to the love of her life.

Why do you think self-love is important:

We create our reality, and affect others by how we treat ourselves. Self-love is essential for health, happiness and prosperity

040 Finally Speaking My Truth, Interview with Flora Ware, Click to listen to her story

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Self-Care Habit:

I love to dance. I make time, even just in my living room with my headphones in.

Self-Care resource:

Elena Lipson 66 Daily Sacred Rituals -


What is your favorite quote?

When sleeping women wake, mountains move. - Chinese proverb

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