009: Self-Love in Work and Life, Interview with Stephanie Wyant

Stephanie Wyant is a design coach & mom who helps other women bridge the gap between a beautiful home and a beautiful life. She’s worked in the interior design field for many years. She talks about leaving her college relationship, which had been exhausting her emotionally, and cutting ties in order to explore self-love, and self-validation. She also talks about how she used self-love to create a work-life balance she is happy with now.

Why do you think self-love is important:

If you don’t put self-love first, you don’t know what it is you deserve when it comes to receiving from other people.

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Self-Care Habit:

Daily Gratitude Journal. At least once a day I sit down and write down things I’m grateful for.

What app or resource helps you in your self-love practice?

Evernote- Organization App

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