007: Setting Boundaries, Interview with Jill Galano

Jill Galano is a Confidence Coach, and she went through a lot of struggles to become one. She talks about living with daily panic attacks and depression, and ending her relationship with her father. At her lowest point, she was physically unable to leave her house. She lost 60 pounds, crushed limiting beliefs, and conquered her agoraphobia. She discusses how she used self-love to heal her life. Now she helps women face their own fears and anxieties.


Why do you think self-love is important:

That is what makes us whole. It’s the only way we can truly love others. Once we do love ourselves it frees us from chasing others.


Setting Healthy Boundaries with Jill Galano. Click to listen

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What book are you reading now?

Self-Care Habit:


Having quiet moments in the sunshine. Practicing my visualization for my goals and dreams.

What app or resource helps you in your self-love practice?

Louise Hay and Wayne Dyers teachings via YouTube

What is your favorite quote?

She believed she could and so she did.

Where Can We Find You?

On Facebook- Jill Galano

On my website- JillGalano.com

On Periscope- @DreamBigWithJill

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